Cardlock Fueling System For Your Fleet

Cardlock fleet card

Flyers’ cardlock fleet card system provides a comprehensive solution for your business fueling needs. We have a wide network of locations with a high concentration of cardlocks in the northern California area. 

Our cardlock fuel system locations accept all major fleet cards, including Comdata and WEX, while providing convenience, security and value to your business.


With more than 130 cardlock locations spread throughout California and Nevada, there is likely a Flyers cardlock on your delivery route or near your base of operations. We serve California from the Oregon border to the Mexico border and stretch across Interstate 80 in Nevada while also serving the Las Vegas area. In Arizona, we maintain a presence in Phoenix and Tucson.

Our unattended cardlocks are designed with large fuel needs in mind. High-flow dispensers help make filling up faster, and our locations eliminate the need for your drivers to share space with consumer vehicles in crowded gas stations. Easy access and navigation in the cardlock help get your drivers back on the road with a minimum of distraction or delay.

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Flyers Energy cardlock fueling system keeps your fuel affordable.

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Card Acceptance

In addition to providing cardlock locations across the west, Flyers also issues its own fuel card solution on the CFN network, ready for use at any of our cardlocks.  When you use a Flyers card at a Flyers-owned location, in-network savings can add up to significant cost reductions for your company.

We have also recently expanded our acceptance of fleet cards to include WEX and Comdata fleet cards. Your drivers can now take advantage of our convenient locations, designed for semi-trucks, and use most major fleet cards. Flyers owns more commercial fueling network locations than other fuel providers, ensuring your ability to fuel at the most fuel-secure sites.


Flyers makes it possible to manage your fuel expenditures within the commercial fueling network by establishing purchasing security profiles for your business. As your drivers utilize Flyers purchasing products, purchases can be limited to specific amounts of fuel per fuel up or a specific expenditure amount assigned to a particular driver. 

This reduces your exposure to employee and non-employee theft. It also limits the amount of your budget assigned to a non-liquid asset. For example, 100 trucks not in use with fuel in the tank means you have money in each of those trucks. As the fuel sits, the possibility of employee theft or non-employee theft increases.


Within the CFN fuel network, Flyers’ direct customers receive an opportunity for improved pricing when utilizing Flyers locations. Discounts average about five cents per gallon in direct cost savings as compared with the retail price. In addition, we can set parameters for the fuel up, including limiting purchases to a specific grade, time of day, and day of the week. This minimizes waste and reduces the possibility of fraud.

Savings also accrue as our security protocols are adjusted based on your needs. Improvements to internal accounting through streamlined invoicing also benefit your enterprise over time by reducing expense tracking requirements and the associated paperwork.

Contact Flyers today to learn more about our cardlock system and how it can benefit your business. Also ask about the Flyers fuel card to maximize your access to savings across the commercial fuel network and at our cardlocks.