Diesel Gas Cards

Diesel Fuel Card Benefits

Diesel fuel cards are an instrumental part of your business tool kit when you manage a number of drivers and commercial vehicles and have a large demand for fuel. At Flyers, we understand the needs of your business and offer commercial fuel cards to help meet all your requirements.  If you use more
than 500 gallons of fuel per month and utilize the services of multiple drivers, our network can help streamline your business.

Direct cost savings

Our diesel gas cards provide direct savings for your business with an average discount of 5 cents per gallon when comparing cardlock prices to street sale prices. Our fuel network is wide, and consistent usage of our locations will provide you with daily savings that add up to big cost reductions over time.
All you need to do is direct your drivers to the right fueling locations to add more to your bottom line.

Cost savings through added security

With Flyers you can also reduce costs by managing waste and reducing unauthorized spending. Our security features include the ability to restrict when, where and how often your drivers purchase fuel. This includes limiting the amount of fuel an individual driver can purchase and reducing the opportunity for fuel fraud. Individual cards are protected with driver identification numbers to keep activity assigned to specific employees or contractors for improved expense tracking and easy sorting and accounting.

For enterprises with large fleets, Flyers cardlock sites now accept the Comdata card as well as being on the CFN network. Using cardlocks is the most secure way to fuel and it helps you keep fuel dollars working for your business by keeping drivers out on the road. Cardlock secure fueling parameters help
prevent fuel theft by ensuring you control your employees’ access to fuel cards.

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Flyers Energy keeps your diesel affordable.

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Integration with other systems

Our cardlocks now accept ComData and WEX cards in addition to most other fleet cards. We provide full commercial fuel account services. These extend beyond managing fuel allotments for individual vehicles and drivers. We also provide enhanced business services by assessing your usage and helping you
establish and amend security protocols as trends and needs are detected.

We provide a universal invoice that contains all your transactions on one statement, simplifying accounting and bill payment. Because our reporting is fuel-oriented, your accounting for diesel and gasoline purchases is more accurate and the need for processing or cross-referencing individual receipts
with trips is eliminated with our e-receipts program.

Cardlock system

Our cardlock network provides you with a wide range of locations to pull in and purchase fuel. Few providers of commercial fuel cards provide such a robust network for direct purchases and continuous cost savings. In fact, Flyers owns more commercial fueling network locations than any other fuel provider in the network.

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