Proudly Distributing

Flyers Energy is proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributor of quality Mobil™ Lubricants by ExxonMobil for all of Nevada and for 45 counties in California. Our experienced consultants keep clients current on products, technical advances, industry practices and legal requirements. We inventory and supply a comprehensive range of passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, industrial lubricants by ExxonMobil, solvents and specialty products in a variety of packages and sizes from bulk quantities to packaged goods, all with the quality you expect from Mobil.

Premium Quality Mobil™ Engine Oils, Lubricants, and Greases

Passenger Vehicle Lubricants

Providing performance beyond our conventional motor oil, Mobil 1™ is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand for automobile. And we are among the most trusted Mobil products distributors, as denoted by our Circle of Excellence award for multiple years. The recommended engine oil by more automobile manufacturers than any other synthetic oil brand in the world, Mobil 1™’s technology developed by ExxonMobil allows it to meet or exceed the requirements of Japanese, European, and US car builders – and to provide exceptional Mobil protection against engine wear even under some of the most extreme conditions.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Drivers across the globe rely on Mobil Delvac™ engine oils. Mobile engine oils perform better than ordinary oil because the former don’t lose their viscosity under constant revving. For more than 90 years the Mobil Delvac™ brand has been a recognized leader in heavy-duty specialized lubricants for commercial and utility vehicles. It’s our proprietary formula designed to help users extend their engine’s life.

Industrial Lubricants

The key to a successful operation is productivity. The more productive your machines, the more output. The more output, the more profit. Your choice of industrial lubricants and the distributor makes a difference. The team behind Mobil™ – branded industrial lubricants has the unsurpassed global capability to help keep your industrial machines producing, thanks to the power of Mobil oil.

Using the Right Lubricant Makes a Difference