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Flyers Energy is ready to meet the bulk fuel delivery requirements of your business. Our fuel delivery service operates across most of California, Nevada and Arizona to meet needs ranging from 400 gallons of gasoline or diesel to 14,000 gallons in Nevada.


How much fuel can I order?

Bobtail trucks from Flyers deliver to your on-site tank for orders between 400 to 4,000 gallons of multiple products, including home heating oil. Trucks and trailers can deliver up to 9,000 gallons from our fuel terminal rack to underground storage tanks to meet the needs of larger enterprises, such as an independent gas station, or any business with a fleet of on-road or off-road vehicles. In Nevada, delivery capacity expands to 14,000 gallons.

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Is Flyers right for me?

Flyers is uniquely suited to keep your business vehicles or the vehicles of your customers on the road. We negotiate and buy fuel for our own transportation fleet as well as for delivery to our customers right from the wholesale. We buy and sell approximately 2 million gallons of fuel per day over the rack, by truck, and by CFN and Pacific Pride fuel card to our commercial fuel customers.

With both gasoline and diesel fuel delivery, we can keep the equipment on your construction site moving and power machinery at your manufacturing facility. Does your business or municipality own vehicles? Our bulk fuel delivery team can accommodate your on-site fuel needs to maintain operations that keep your equipment working.

For trucking businesses with a large fleet, our diesel delivery service can always send your rigs out on the road with a full tank. Older homes with winter heating fuel needs can rely on our heating oil delivery service to get through the cold weather months.

Diesel fuel delivery near me

Flyers Energy uses 17 strategically located warehouses in Arizona, New Mexico and California to maintain its large coverage area. Visit our website at www.flyersenergy.com, click the locations menu and sort our locations by “lubricant warehouse” to find a warehouse near you serving quality Mobil TM

You can also contact our friendly customer service team at 1-800-899-2376 and ask about diesel fuel delivery to explore your options and learn more about Flyers’ commercial services. Our customer service representatives are staffed at locations in northern and southern California and ready to help.