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When you apply for a card account with Flyers, you are taking steps to decrease your fuel costs.  Establishing payment terms helps enhance your credit reputation and keep your cash and your vehicles moving and working for you. Your fleet card account affords you cardlock discounts and efficiencies and it helps protect your business against theft.  We will help you set fuel card limits for your fleet to minimize fraud, slippage, and waste by ensuring drivers and buyers can purchase only what your vehicle or business warrants on a daily, monthly, or per fill basis.

Managing payment terms helps optimize the day to day management of your business, whether you take delivery of bulk fuel and lubricants or establish a cardlock account to control fuel purchases and track your drivers and trucks and make accounting and tax reporting simpler.  

As a vertically-integrated provider, Flyers Energy operates our own transport fleet or truck and trailer transports, bobtail fuel and lubricants vehicles.   Flyers owns and runs 19 strategically located Mobil ™ lubricants distribution plants, more than 200 commercial fuel cardlock locations, a dozen franchised stores, wholesale fuel, alternative power, and renewable fuel production in California and Nevada.  Flyers Energy is an exclusive provider of quality MobilTM lubricants for your fleet, auto service shop or industrial needs.  

We look forward to doing business with you.